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NEW MIDLAND SP-440 UHF 2Way Radio Portable Transceiver 16 chan. 440-480MHz Ni-MH

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Brand: Midland
Model: SP-440
MPN: SP-440


By choosing the Midland SP-440 , you have selected a professional grade portable radio. Its rugged design will provide years of reliable service.

Radio features The SP-400 series is a programmable, synthesized radio with the following features:

 -Easy to use – only five controls access all the transceiver’s functions.
- Up to sixteen channel capacity– simple and reliable knob selection.
- Programmable transmit power – select the transmit power to maximize range or battery life. 1 or 5 watts (4 watts UHF) programmable per channel.
- Channel scanning – flexible scan programming allows the radio to search for signals on programmed channels. Priority scan, priority transmit and priority look back are all programmable selections. Scan talk back and nuisance delete functions are available.
- CTCSS/DCS encode and decode– blocks conversations sharing the same frequency that are not intended for you. Allows access to your radio repeaters.47 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS codes programmable per channel.
- 2-tone decode – your radio may be programmed to respond only when paged with a two-tone sequence. Two sequences selectable per channel and up to 15 different sequences programmable per radio.
- VOX (voice operated transmit) – allows hands-free operation using an optional headset/microphone.
- Voice inversion scrambler – for secure communications. Radio communications are encoded and decoded, when activated, to make the conversation unintelligible to third parties listening on your frequency.
- 2-tone or sequential tone selective call – for more advanced radio network management. Allows individual or group calls to users in a radio network.
- Emergency selective call – can be sent to alert other users of an emergency situation with an activation protected against accidental switching.
- Busy channel lockout – prevents transmission when the channel is busy. Programmable override function will allow transmission during repeater hang time.
- Transmit time-out timer life.
- Wide range of optional accessories –provide additional flexibility of use.

Package include: Midland SP-440 2-way radio, Ni-MH rechargeable battery, Antenna, Manual, Belt holster.